Let Us Take Care of Your Hair

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Written by: T.S.

Hair is one of the principal women adornments gifted to them by Allah سبحانہ وتعالی. Long, lustrous and luxuriant hair is the dream of every girl. And for this, we have a very productive tip right up our sleeves. The tip, I'm going to share today might be a bit costly. But, as the saying goes... No pains, No gains. Plus, who on earth doesn't want dazzling hair, especially young females? The following formula is guaranteed suitable for 'girls' of 'all ages' (with age ranging from Binte Imran's to Binte Rizwan's).
So, Dear ladies, get ready for the Ultimate Hair Care Concoction. Here we go…
Warm some pure coconut oil under direct summer (or winter, as is the season) sun. Try to get the purest coconut oil as possible. For long, radiant hair you need everything pure, even if it's a bit expensive. Better have some imported quality or a famous international brand. In short, the best you can get your hands on. Don't worry about the price, the results are well worth it.
Mix two or three desi eggs in it. Mind, the eggs must be from pure home-grown hens, the red-and-brown ones preferably. Separate the eggs yolks carefully. Whip the egg whites till they are frothy. Add the yolks and whip for exactly five minutes more. Put in a pea-sized amount of castor oil along with one tablespoon of honey. Together they make one of the best natural hair emollient blends, so, don't forget or skip this crucial step. Now add some Aloe Vera gel. Note that the gel must be fresh, extracted at home by cutting the Aloe Vera leaf. Drip 2-3 drops of lemon juice, from ripe yellow ones. Blend the fusion for precisely three minutes at the minimum. Take out the mix in a bowl. Add half a cup of plain natural yoghurt. Strictly speaking, NO processed, canned variety, no Greek, French, Swiss or frozen, okay? Whisk vigorously until a smooth paste is obtained and no more curds are visible. Cover the dish with a cloth and let it stand for a fortnight in the backyard where no one has access.
Is it smelling awful? You can’t go near it? Try. Remove the cover. It’s turned a revolting green, purple, yellow and orange? Excellent! Take it inside … preferably when no one is around. Undo your hair and using a 2 ft. brush, apply it to your hair. Wash after 15 min. WHAT??? ALL YOUR HAIR GONE???? Serves you right for listening to me.
 Joking aside, here's one real tip: Recite Surah Al-Lail 11 times (Durood Sharif thrice in the beginning and end) on pure almond/coconut/olive oil and apply on your scalp and roots and tips of your hair as frequently as you can. See the miraculous results, Insha'Allah.
Hint: Perseverance and Yaqeen (firm faith) is the key.