Horrible Consequences of Using Tobacco

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By: Qazi Ali Kamal,  Class: XI

“I am really worried about Ahmed, he spends most of his time outside the house with his bad friends. One of them was even caught in a robbery,” Ahmed’s mother was telling her husband. “I’m tired of asking him to keep away from such friends but he never listens and that’s all because of the liberty you have given him.” “Just cool down. Ahmed is grown up and mature, he himself knows what is right and what is wrong.” And the conversation ended with no result.
Ahmed was in his late teens. He was a genius and always made an impression upon people due to his academic excellence and intelligence. He was the only son of his parents so one can imagine the love he was given but fortunately this love and affection didn’t have a negative impact on Ahmed’s behavior or his studies. But things changed when his family had to shift to a new place due to the posting of his father who was a government officer.  It was a very high-profile area where the upper class of the city lived. Here unluckily, Ahmed got into the company of rich and spoiled children who were involved in all bad habits which they thought were necessary to be considered cool. Gradually Ahmed started changing. His lifestyle, his behavior, and his academics, everything changed. This change didn’t go unnoticed by Ahmed’s mother. She told Ahmed’s father about her concern, but due to his busy schedule and his blind trust in Ahmed, he didn’t take any steps apart from consoling his wife.  She also admonished Ahmed to keep away from those friends but he turned a deaf ear to all her warnings. Ahmed’s mother kept praying for her son because that was all she could do.
It was the evening time. Ahmed’s mother was worried because he had been out of the house since morning and hadn’t returned. Suddenly there was loud banging on the main door. Ahmed’s mother opened it and was shocked to see a policeman standing there with Ahmed beside him. “Is he your son?” “Yes,” Ahmed’s mother answered still confused and traumatized to see the condition of her son. “Ma’am, don’t you keep an eye on your children? We found him smoking banned and illegal tobacco beside a person’s house. All other accomplices have been arrested as they were old players in the game. We are giving him the benefit of the doubt and letting him go. We think he was trapped by the others,” saying this, the policeman let go of Ahmed, who had his head down, abashed by such an embarrassment. “Thank you officer this will never happen again, I’ll make sure of it,” Ahmed’s mother said in a failing voice. The police officer went away but tears rolled down from Ahmed’s mother’s eyes. Words refused to leave her throat as she was in a state of shock. Ahmed’s father was called from his office and he postponed a business meeting and rushed home. That night was the worst night of Ahmed’s life. His mother cried the whole night and his father scolded him in a manner which he had seen for the first time in his whole life. “I am ashamed of calling you my son. Today I have lost all my trust in you. I cannot even raise my head in front of my neighbors,” and on and on….. Ahmed kept listening with tears in his eyes. The next day all of his belongings were confiscated. He kept crying in his room the whole day but there was no one to console him. That day, Ahmed repented faithfully at what he had done and sincerely pledged to himself and his father to abstain from tobacco the rest of his life. His parents forgave him due to his sincerity and honesty, and he really changed himself but the real test was still to come. It is said that Allah tests his faithful followers with predicaments and difficulties.
Two days had passed after the incident. That night Ahmed was sleeping in his room, when suddenly he felt a horrible pain in his chest. He tried to control it but he couldn’t and the pain became unbearable. He started shouting at the top of his voice. His parents woke up. They were staggered to see his pale face which showed that his condition was serious. They rushed him to the nearest hospital where he was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit. After nearly two and a half hours, the doctor came out and took them to his room. “Has your child been using tobacco?” he asked. “Yes doctor but what had happened to him?” “The continuous use of tobacco has disturbed his digestive, respiratory and blood circulating system and this has resulted in lung cancer. I’m sorry but your child is in a bad condition,” the doctor said. “What? No, it is not possible,” Ahmed’s mother cried and then fainted. His dad was also in shock. “Doctor, please do something. I will give all my wealth to save my only child, please doctor save him.” “We will try our best to carry out a successful operation, but there are only 10 percent chances of his life. All you can do is pray for him,” saying this, the doctor left the room.
Ahmed was to remain in the hospital till the next week when the operation was going to take place. Although he was not told that he had Lung cancer, he knew his condition was severe. His parent kept praying for him and consoled him. They tried to remain normal in front of Ahmed but they couldn’t hide their anxiety from him. Ahmed was full of remorse and prayed to Allah to forgive him.  At last the day of the operation arrived. Ahmed’s parents sat on the prayer mat that whole night begging to Allah for the life of their son. Theirs prayers were accepted and miraculously the operation was successful. After the operation when Ahmed got to know of the real situation, he realized what a tough time he had given his parents. His parents were ecstatic at getting back their son.
The next day his father arranged a seminar in the community hall of the area to which all the parents and children of the area were invited. In the seminar Ahmed shared his experience and pleaded to the audience to learn something from him. He asked them to thank Allah for the precious blessing of health He had given.  Ahmed’s father also called a well-known doctor who gave a speech on the hideous and ghastly side effects of tobacco. He said, “The use of tobacco is completely destroying our new generation partially and our society generally. It is very painful for me when I see our teenagers chewing and smoking tobacco. These are the weapons of our enemies to paralyze our new generation so that they can’t work for the welfare of their state and their religion. Tobacco is very detrimental to our health and it completely destroys our body, but because the side effects of its usage appear after a long time we don’t believe that it is harmful, while it is more hazardous than poison. Tobacco results in severe diseases such as skin and hair diseases, reduction in thinking ability, loss of memory, lung, throat and mouth cancer. Today I request all my fellow youth to keep away from this slow poison if they really care for their life, for their parents and for their society. When a person uses tobacco he will always harm his relatives, his friends and the society as a whole.
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